Yksittäiset - Hold a successful event in Jyväskylä s. 32

”Thanks Palvelupiste Hannikainen for all the help through email

and phone. Inexperienced organizer got all the support necessary.”
- Concert organizer

”Cooperation with the officials in Jyväskylä went well and we got the

impression that we were really welcomed.”

”The event went above all expectations! We had to order more

products for the next stop because the sales was so busy in

- Organiser of a sales event

”The clubs organizing a big event are often alone and underresourced. Encouragement and help with smaller issues empowers

the organizers to go through with the event.”

- Organizer of a sports event

Katso sijaintimme



Publisher: City of Jyväskylä 2016. Design: Mainostoimisto M1. Printing: Painotalo Plus Digital.

- Festival organiser

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