Yksittäiset - Jyväskylä on the move s. 14-15

Jyväskylä in brief

Jyväskylä received city rights in A population of

increasing annually by roughly 1400

Jyväskylä is located at the northern end of Finland’s second largest lake,

Covers an area of


1466 km
one fifth of which is water

of lake shore

One of Finland’s

top moving locations,

Expertise in

particularly popular among families with young children

digitalization, cyber security and the bio economy as well as in sport and physical recreation, well-being and healthcare

Already almost permanent illuminated locations and new ones are completed each year

international students

15 min

Dynamic entrepreneurial environment,

from one place to another

Roughly residents with a foreign background from over 120 different countries, Russians and Estonians being the largest groups

Business Jyväskylä brings together Jyväskylä success stories,

the city’s top sectors and development projects. We provide information about services to help expand business operations and we lend a helping hand to support start-ups. BusinessJKL helps you to reach the right people and shares information about interesting business developments. Jump right in – it’s the right move!

enterprises, approximately 650 new businesses established each year

Jyväskylä enjoys a central location right in the heart of Finland.

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